The One-Stop-Shop
Delphian Books offers a complete service to authors ranging from:
• Cover concepts and design
• Internal layout and DTP
• Copy-editing, sub-editing, proofreading and indexing
• Print capabilities from 100 to 20,000+ copies
• Marketing and distribution services

Cover concepts, internal design and desktop publishing
People sometimes judge books by their covers, so this design is important. We can work with your ideas or offer a complete design to you to approve. The right internal design makes a book look professional, so we are keen for authors to get this right too.

Copy-editing, sub-editing, proofreading and indexing
An author’s manuscript will always benefit from another set of eyes. Our in-house editor will proofread your book with great attention to detail, but maybe full copy editing or sub-editing is required. We can also index your work if needed.

We will discuss paper weights and finishes for book covers and internals to suit the market of your book. We will also recommend the print run to suit your budget.

Marketing and distribution services
Delphian Books uses the services of the book distributors Woodslane, in Sydney. We work with them to discuss the viability of titles in the marketplace. We are happy to offer this advice to authors once we have viewed your manuscript.