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Now Stop Smoking

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Now Stop Smoking

Now Stop Smoking – A systematic guide to saying “No” and moving forward

Linda Taylor’s book will help you become – and remain – a non-smoker. She has helped over 1,000 clients stop smoking using her own experience as an ex-smoker and her practice as a hypnotherapist and counsellor.
Now Stop Smoking outlines life skills that will assist you, so you no longer need the addiction to cigarettes to enhance your day.
Linda shows you ways to:
• feel safe and protected without having to smoke
• have good boundaries within your relationships
• achieve what you need and want in healthy, loving ways
• stop the past influencing you in negative ways
• practice and maintain balance in your life by bringing the mind and body together.

The activities included in each chapter give you the tools to practise these positive skills, which are proven to be very effective in individual and group hypnotherapy. Case studies are also provided, which demonstrate how others have been successful using these strategies. Here is what some have said…

“Without Linda’s insightful assistance, quitting smoking would have involved a daily
internal struggle to keep up self-control and will power. With Linda’s help I was able to stop
smoking immediately without cravings...”

“Thank you for helping me to learn to love my self and the skill you have shared with me for
protection … thanks to your gifts and abilities my husband and I have both freed ourselves
from the addiction of smoking.”

You deserve to love, respect and care for yourself too. With self-hypnosis you can take
control and stop smoking now!

AUTHOR: Linda Taylor
ISBN: 978-0-9804668-8-1
SIZE: 150mm x 235mm
Page Count: 162 pp
Format: Soft Cover with French folds

Available July 2011